What could be causing my baby to throw up?

Laura - posted on 07/17/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My baby is nearly 7 months old and has been throwing up his formula for the past 4 days (generally only the first morning bottle). He takes 8oz and generally gets sick after 4oz, even if I burp him after 2oz. Took him to the doc and she switched his formula from Similac Advance to Enfamil Gentlease and told me to add rice to his bottles for a couple of weeks. Started him on the Gentlease w/rice yesterday on his second bottle and he did fine throughout the day. This morning, he had his entire bottle without burping. I kept him elevated for 30 minutes, tried burping him again; nothing. I then changed his diaper and he got this weird look over his face and I had a bad feeling. Sure enough, he puked most of the bottle. Is the rice and new formula not the solution? What could be causing this?


Laura - posted on 07/17/2011




Yes, the pediatrician did ask if he had had reflux when he was younger. He did spit up occasionally, but only a little and never projectile vomiting. I'm wondering if adding the rice is making it harder for him to burp. I think I'll try his next bottle without the rice and see what happens. I started him on solid foods about 4 weeks ago, but he doesn't always take it.


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Dana - posted on 07/17/2011




Hm, very interesting. If it's generally just his first morning bottle can you try feeding him in smaller increments at first? Or since he's 7 months old, have you tried jar food instead of a bottle for his first morning feed? And have you talked about the possibility of him having reflux with your doctor?

Krista - posted on 07/17/2011




I would suggest contacting his doctor about this. This morning, when he didn't burp throughout his entire bottle, how many times did you try to burp him, and for how long? I know with my son, I sometimes had to work a good 10 minutes or longer to get him to burp.

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