What could be the cause of my 7 year olds cough???

Jessica - posted on 02/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has had a cough on and off for a couple years now. He is almost 8 years old. Ive taken him to a pediatrition and they prescribed me 2 asthma puffers. I just feel like it could be something more then asthma. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks.


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Cindy - posted on 02/23/2012




It could be allergies. Allergies cause postnasal drip which causes a cough. My SD has the same issue. We have been told that she has asthma and allergies. She has an asthma inhaler (provent) that she takes twice a day everyday and a albuteral inhaler that she only takes when needed. She also takes a claratin daily for allergies.

When my SD has a cough she also seems to have a lot of mucus. Try a nasal rinse and make sure he drinks plenty of water. If he has mucus also not alot of sugar. Also ask his doctor what you can give him to get rid of mucus (if he has it) a decongestant will dry it up and an expectrant will loosen it up. I'm not sure which is better and all people react diff to diff meds. I would appreciate any info you get from your doctor that I could try to help my SD.

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it could be bronchitis, especially if it is accompanied by mucous. take him to your pediatrician again and suggest that, and if the pediatrician continues to say it's just asthma and you still feel like that's not enough, get a second opinion. you aren't "betraying" your pediatrician if you get a second opinion, it just means you want more information. also make sure you take him when he seems to be at the peak of his coughing bouts. depending on the season, it may also be allergies. write down everything you know about his coughs, including the months and seasons when they start, how long they last, what he seems to be doing when he gets a coughing fit, what he has been eating that day, everything that you could possibly connect to his coughing. maybe when you get all that information in front of you to analyze you'll figure it out and can go in to the doctor with informed questions.

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