What did you think about while waiting to see if you were pregnant or not? Longest min of life?

Kalie - posted on 04/14/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Good Afternoon Ladies!

I'm a bundle of nerves right now about to take a pregnancy test. I got wondering what you all thought while in the limbo of waiting for results? I'm very nervous about this out come. Here's my story; My son was a huge suprise! I was on the pill and we had only been dating a few months. My daughter followed a little over a year later. (IUD) I'm over joyed at my babies and love them to the end. Now I'm on the needle, and well my coffee doesn't taste good, I'm tired and cramping. Eep!

Oh yeah I have a mischievous little plan as well. My love is going to be home soon. I will do my stuff with the stick and give it to him and runaway. Come back up and see what the fates have chosen.

Ha ha ha *evil laughter* How often does the man get to tell the woman? ha ha ha


Can wait to hear your tales!


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Kalie - posted on 04/15/2010




Oh Thank you so much for all your stories! I really enjoyed reading them. Well we got two tests this morning. They were both negative. I have mixed emotions. I was so sure I was. Then on the other hand it would have been pretty tough. Thank you! Hugs*

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On my first i took a test and it was negative and i was feeling like i had a cold so i went to the doctors and the told me a week later i was pregnant and she started to talk about what to stay clear of food wise etc and i heard none of it i was in complete shock lol.I told my partner when he came home from work ,longest ever day to wait to tell him.

My second we tried for a year if not more with no luck and i just had a feeling i was pregnant and i went down town with my partner and 4 year old and bought a test i was so excited i just could not wait to go home.I

did the test in the toilet in my local shopping centre and it was positive i ran out with a big smile and i was like yep we are and hugged.People were just looking at us but smiling and we walked off like the happiest people in the world with a spring in our step.

We have two wonderful, delightful girls who have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives.I wish you all the best.:-)

Sharon - posted on 04/14/2010




OMG!! TEST ERROR!!! the suspense!!!!

We were trying and were super lucky, fell 2nd month both times. First one ended in a miscarriage at 10wks, but while I was waiting for the time to pass for the test result I was pacing the floor...hahahaha...trying to figure out what I'd say to hubby if it was positive. turns out nothing came out of my mouth, all I could do was cry, shake and point from the test to the picture on the instructions.

Then the 2nd time it came up positive immediately. I mean, I peed on it, and before I had a chance to wash my hands it came up positive, so no time to think! I crawled into bed to tell hubby (it was 5am!), but I couldn't speak, again, only cry and he asked me if I'd taken the test and I nodded, then he said are you pregnant, and I nodded again...couldn't get any words out. Those two times, and when our son was born have been the only times I've ever been completely lost for words.

Tiffany - posted on 04/14/2010




My first, well, hate to say it but i was at work. I worked at a bowling alley at the time (and i cleaned the bathrooms the night b4 after closing so YES the bathrooms were clean so now eeeewwww public bathroom?? comments) and i was in a hurry cause we were about to open and i hadnt gotten everything ready yet cuz i was late due to the fact i was buying the test. So all i could do was think "Hurry hurry, i got to get to work." I worked with my grandma and she showed up about the time it came up positive. So she was the first to know.
With my 2nd, we were trying for over 6 months. Each month i would have symptoms, (which apparently were all in my head) and it always came back negitive. One morning i woke up, wasnt having symptoms, and figured i wouldnt even take one cuz it would wast my last test. I decided to go ahead and try it out and it was positive. While i waited i thought, "wow that was pointless" And of course i went straight to the phone and called, who else, but my grandma. My husband was actually the last to know because i wanted to surprise him but i couldnt keep my mouth shut to the rest of the family. He was excited i could tell, but he had to be all manly and say, "Your pregnant? Thats good" and change the subject. lol. Thats a man for ya. But u could tell in his eyes he was happy as can be.

Kalie - posted on 04/14/2010




OMG!!!! TEST ERROR!!! ARGH!!! lol Oh wow! I couldn't even make this up... Well another test tomorrow and I'll be sure to let you know. I can't believe this test error. I 've done many of these before. lol Talk about stress and nerves.

Kelli - posted on 04/14/2010




Me and my husband tried for a couple years and nothing. In July of 2008, my period was a week and a half late but that was nothing new because I had been late before. Many times. Well, I had stomach cramps for a week and no period. I was getting frustrated. Other than the cramps and being late I didn't have any symptoms. I was supposed to start on the 18th and the 25th rolled around and my friend I worked with begged me to take a test. I didn't want to because I didn't want to get my hopes up again. Well I bought one. I took it right when I got home. It was a Friday. I didn't even tell my husband at the time because I just knew it would be negative. Well, there were 2 lines. I just said " that is wierd" and my husband herd me. He said " what?" and I showed him the test. I took 2 more after that because I was in denial. Well, they were all postitive. The last one I screamed and jumped around. I was soo excited. So was my husband. He cried. He was so happy :)

Renee - posted on 04/14/2010




I had to go on fertility treatments for my first 2 pregnancies so I had taken many pregnacy tests. It took me a year to get pregnant for the first and 2 years for the second. So each of the pregnancy tests I took, I never really got my hopes up for because I had seen so many negatives. I've been in a new relationship now for 9 years and Sept of 2008 I was feeling crappy and my hubby kept saying that I was pregnant. I kept saying no I'm not. It's not possible since I had to do fertility treatments for the other 2. So to shut him up I bought a pregnancy test and took it. Well the words that came out of my mouth were "Holy shit! and What are we going to do? I have no baby stuff left!" lol So now we have a 15 yr-old, an 11 yr-old and an almost 1 yr-old and I wouldn't change a thing! I'm loving it. Good luck and hope you get the result you want! Let us know.

Phyllis - posted on 04/14/2010




I have attention issues, and get distracted by shiny things. first time I took the test, set it down on the sink and got sidetracked cleaning the toilet. lmao... boy was I surprised a few minutes later when I moved on to clean the sink! Similar for my second one, I took it then decided the shower needed a scrub...lol. I read that and when my hubby came home, we exchanged info. He said "I quit my job" I said, "Get it back, I'm pregnant!" sigh...good times....

Sharon - posted on 04/14/2010




With my first - I was more nervous about my cancer test results to think about the pregnancy test results so it caught me off guard.

With my second... we had just decided to quit trying to conceive, moved, planned & prepared thanksgiving dinner. While I prepping the casseroles i felt nasty - hubby suggested a pregnancy test. For the past two years the tests had been negative. I kind of blew it off but bought the kit and tested anyway the day before Thanksgiving.

My third, we were trying and it happened faster than we expected but he was being a doubting Thomas so I took the test with my co-workers and then called his work - Home Depot and them announce it to the whole store. HAHAHA that one was the most fun.

Sarah - posted on 04/14/2010




Oohh I can't wait to hear your results!!! :)

When I took my pregnancy test, I actually didn't have any symptoms of pregnancy, except for a missed period (6 days late). I had gotten off birth control 5 months prior & my periods were VERY screwed up lol. I had taken several pregnancy tests over the past few months & all came out negative. BIG dissapointment. So, then when my period was 6 days late, I just figured it was the result of me going off the pill & my system being all crazy and stuff. I was at Walmart & I wasn't going to pick up a pregnancy test, but then I thought "oh what the heck." I wasn't even in a big rush to go home and use it because I figured it would be another dissapointing negative. Well, later that evening I decided to take it, and I had all these doubts in my mind. I had already told myself that it was going to be negative so I wouldn't be so bummed when it came out that way. Well, there it was...a big fat positive!!! I couldn't believe it. I almost fell over! I just sat there and said "Oh my gosh." "Oh my gosh." Over and over lol. When my husband came home, I couldn't contain myself and I handed him the pregnancy test. We ended up going back to Walmart that evening to get a different kind just to make sure it was true, and it definitely was. Now I have a beautiful, almost 7 month old son!!

Please tell us how it goes! :)

Krystal - posted on 04/14/2010




hi with my first he was a suprise, i was on the pill, but had been sick 2 weeks before the 1st time we had sex after me being ill was about 3 days after i got better, i didnt realise diarehha (sp?) and sickness affected the pill so on the night of testing all that i could think about was how i was goin to tell him. i did my stuff on the stick and as i was waiting i was thinking off ways to tell him and when i would tell him. 2 mins went by and the stick was positive i was like WOW OMG. he had to go to notiingham to go to college and was there for a week and this was 3 days into the week, so i sent him a text sayin, baby there is something i need to tell you, we are going to be a mummy and daddy. he sent me one back saying are you really pregnant. then i sent him a picture message of the positive stick and he sent me a message back sayin he was so happy and that he wants nothing more than to have a family with me. i was like aww thats so sweet and then we said goodnight and he said that he loved me and our little bean lol. with my second well this was also an accident, but i was feeling sick and my breast were hearting and my heartburn was in overdrive and i got thrush (the last time i had that i was pregnant with my first) and i realised i might be pregnant, i went and got the pregnancy test and did my stuff and this time all i kept thinkin was i hope im pregnant, it came back negative, 4 days later i was feeling the same way so i went and got another test and this time all i kept thinkin was that it was goin to be negative again and it was all in my head, it was negative again. so i left it another 5 days took another test, all through waiting i was thinkin the same as last time, that it was all in my head, but this time it came back positive. im now 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant. i was scared to tell him so i waited till my partner got home from work, i was in the kitchen making tea, i said to him go upsairs and look on the bed so up he went, he came back down hoding the test in his hand, he said i knew it, i said how, he said to me, your moody alot, you get heartburn all the time (i had it alot with my son) and then he said your breast have gotten bigger lol. he gave me a big hug and said that he loved me and that he was happy that im pregnant again. wow was i glad to hear that lol. :) x i wonder what that test says, are you pregnant again :) x

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