What do do about a escape toddler who's really smart!

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So please don't judge but this is my first son single mom on my own and I didn't get off work until 3 a.m. I had gotten woken up by the police at 10 am and they found him at a ladies house 6 doors down and brought him to me he was in a pull up and thats it stark naked haha but they said that in new Mexico it's called child cruelty and I have to go to COURT!! and cps check up !:,( I have never even gotten a speeding ticket and I'm a good mom I like to think I am I try I real discipline books taken parenting classes and child psychology but was NEVER told about this :/

1 hour later I went to give him a bath went to go find him and he was gone outside 4 doors down again!!:(

So has anyone got any good suggestions for preventing this from happening again ?? And how to discipline him?



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I would say to get bolt locks, the chain locks, and a baby gate. If possible maybe a small fence to keep him in the yard?

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He's obviously a Houdini, so I would advise you to get good bolt-locks for all of your doors, and install latches way up high. You can also get little battery-operated chimes that ring when the door is opened (much like they have in convenience stores). Yes, it's an expense, but it's definitely worth it if it keeps your child safe and at home!

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I'm with Sarah. Childproof your place as well as you can. We have a safety gate at our door (the kind other people have at the bottom and top of their stairs). I'd do this as soon as possible so you can show that this was a genuine accident and that you learned from it straight away. Being a working single mom must be really hard. I'm sure they will understand that.

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