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I need serious help here. I am scared beyond belief right now.

My son is 6 months old as of yesterday and of course we got his 6 months shots and the flu shot at his ped's recommendation. This was a little over 12 hours ago now and my son is sleeping (though not as well as he usually does) which all is to be expected as far as that goes.

Now 3 hours after we got his vaccines he threw up and choked/gagged on it for over a minute. It seemed like a more serious reaction at the time because he went really pale, couldn't catch his breath, and made horrible heaving looking motions. I called an ambulance while my mother held him with his rear slightly more elevated than his head because that was the only way he could even slightly breath. It calmed down slightly while we were waiting on the ambulance but he seemed weak and drowsy and he still didnt have any color to him at all.

Ambulance got here and I got him out in it and it seemed like as soon as they started checking him it just kind of stopped and he very slowly got his color back and slowly became more reactive to everything around him.

I read that vomiting is a common side affect. Even if that's all it was than it still could have killed him. I am absoluetly terrified.
I need to know..
How long after the shots are they supposed to be in the clear?
And what would you do personally about continuing the vaccines?


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I agree with Sherri -- this is definitely something to bring up with your pediatrician.

And as far as "natural immunities" go, I have yet to hear of people developing a natural immunity to whooping cough or tetanus. But hey...some people are willing to risk that, obviously.

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Personally I would have been freaked out a bit too. Not by the vaccine issue, just by the loss of colour and vigor. But I also know that when I cough or puke and my gag reflex goes off (which is a lot stronger in babies) I lose my breath, become pale and feel like shit.
I really don't think the two things are related at all, except maybe the shot having been in his muscle may have made him slightly nauseous as intramuscular shots in adults can even do that.So...
I think he got his shots, later he tossed up, or spit up, set off his gag reflex and then appeared to be choking, (can't really choke if nothing is blocking the airway) then went pale and kind of limp because of lack of oxygen while heaving.
I think you did the right thing but calling an ambulance just to be sure, especially if this is your first baby, better safe than sorry.
But I wouldn't change his vaccine schedule (although we don't do flu shots), I would mention it all to the doctor before his next needles though, and just ask him what to look for,
Oh and I have heard that with some needles a fever, sleepiness etc. is expected for a couple of days, peaking at 3 days for a fever. This from the nurse who has given all 6 of my kids their needles.
Good Luck, don't stress too much.

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My dr said the reactions for shots increase with every dose of the same vax, so the 6 month is the final round for a few shots so maybe it just was a harder dose to handle.
That said, I've delayed my baby's shots for now, not sure what I'm going to do but untl I decide I'm just waiting.
You can always delay or spread them out. But IMO he's through the worst of them.
I'd never give my baby the flu shot though, I simply can't trust it.
Talk to a different dr. Get a second or third opinion! Some drs are very pushy and that's really obnoxious.

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My son threw up when he was 4-5 months old and he went completely pale and lethargic. I took him to the ER and they treated him. It turns out that MANY kids get really pale and lethargic at such a young age when they vomit. I wouldn't worry about it really. Mention it to your doctor before he gets his shots next. Babies at that age can also get a fever really quickly which can result in vomiting (same thing happened with my son in another occasion). So it might just be a case of him getting a fever as a side effect from the shot, which happens with some shots too.

Sorry you were scared so badly. I've been there and it IS frightening, especially if it's your first child, as it was with mine. :)


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I plan on talking to his ped its just she is very very very pro vax so I dont know that she would really listen to it. She is a good doctor I think she just doesnt listen real well and seems to live in her own world or something. But of course shes not on call today so i have to wait.

No I dont give him oragel because even the baby oragel upsets my stomach so i imagine itd be bad for him i think.

I know I probably over reacted a bit but i would rather pay an un needed er bill than a funeral.

Plus he is my first child lol :)

Im not sure what im going to do yet though. I understand the thought for why vaccines would be used but looking it up i have found soo many cases of ppl whose kids went from being fine to dead in a matter of hours... I just dont know.

Kate CP - posted on 12/03/2011




Didn't happen to give him any orajel for teething during this time, did you?

Aniesha - posted on 12/03/2011




I personally haven't given my son any vaccines. He's nearly 3 and is fit & healthy. There are definitely pros & cons to both sides of the argument. I highly highly recommend a book called Nature's Child by Leslie Kenton. It talks about the body's natural immunity and how vaccines actually weaken it. I was kinda on the fence about vaccines until I read it. Do some more research on it, and not just with medical people, coz they will always tell you to get the needles, as it's what they've been taught. Get information from other sources as well.

Good luck, and I hope your little one is alright:)

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