what do i do for my 4 year old to settle down in class as well as become a fast learner?


Ariana - posted on 10/10/2012




It's hard to control your childs behavior when they aren't directly with you. Does your child listen to you? Is he only behaving like this with his (or her) teacher? If this is a problem with you you'll need to start disciplining them in a way that gets them to listen to you. If this is only a school problem you may want to figure out why he's specifically not listening in class.

You can put your child into martial arts which can help self-control and focus. If the child acts out in that type of class setting I would encourage you to continue going (some parents tend to bail in embarrassment which isn't helpful to their children at all). See if you can get him to focus better on activities he doesn't necessarily love. So get your child to work on something and put a timer on for 5 minutes. Give lots of encouragement and start trying to see if you can slowly get the time longer. Ultimately 20 - 25 minutes is a good amount to focus at the age of 4.

You cannot force your child to become a fast learner. If you are worried about their learning get them a tutor and start making reading a daily part of your routine. So every night before bed you can read your child 3/4 stories. If he's not used to this start with shorter stories.

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