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Innocentia - posted on 05/14/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




i'm a single parent and my 4 year old son loves playing games and he is lacking at school now I do not want to deprive him this privilege of playing games but how do I balance his pay time and his academics, am not sure if i'm being too hard on him he is only 4 or should I start now to be firm and take the games away from him please advise.
Thank you.


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Raye - posted on 05/14/2015




School is more important than games. You need to be a parent and enforce good habits so he will be successful. Only after learning activities are done should he be allowed to play games.

Suzanne - posted on 05/14/2015




Have you considered trying to find games that incorporate academic topics in a fun way?
The kinds that have been recommended to me are things like taking a set of block numbers and hiding them around the house. Your boys goes and finds them and gets a prize (something small, maybe a sticker) for bringing them to you and putting them in order.

If you are looking for video-type games, there are lots and lots of them out there with learning-based designs.

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