What do I do when my baby won't sleep at night?

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My baby girl - 9 months - won't get to sleep at night. She becomes so restless, wanting to play. She won't even allow me to get a little sleep at night. Considering that I am a working mother and have to be up early the next day, this keeps me tired in the morning and not able to do my best at work. What do I do? Please! I NEED ANSWERS URGENTLY!


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Don't make it all about you; Make it all about her. How much is she sleeping during the day. Maybe she needs more daytime stimulation and then SHE will get more sleep at night.

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I have an 8 month old son up to 6 months I also woke up up to 7 times a night for him until I decided that I could not take it anymore. I could not perform 100% at work because of lack of sleep.

I started a routine when we get home we play, eat, bath he then drinks his bottle and falls asleep.

I also had to learn him to sooth himself back to sleep. This is not so easy as we want to jump up everytime they make a sound. I had to let him moun or cry for a little while (not for hours) to see if he wouldn’t fall asleep again. It worked like a charm. He only wakes up not more than 2 times. He sometimes wants to be picked up and soothed back to sleep.

I also leave a small bottle with milk in his cot so that he can drink it when he becomes hungry. It took about 3 days before he realised that there is a bottle in his cot that he could drink.

Your daughter is big enough to be able to take a bottle herself. I would suggest a non drip teat to start with but soon she will be a pro and you can give her her normal teat.


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Turn off the baby monitor. That's what helped me. I had been waking up every time my son let out a whimper, and it was terrible! I'd go up to his crib and he'd want to be picked up, and I'd rock him back to sleep and put him back and wait for him to wake up again.
But when I turned off the monitor, I couldn't hear every whimper, I could only hear him when he was really crying urgently. It was like he magically started sleeping through the night, but I think it was actually that I wasn't interrupting his sleep all the time, thinking that I was helping.

It's worth a try, anyway. Good luck. I hate sleep deprivation, and I feel for you.

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Im struggling with my three months old baby she only sleep when i put her on my chest especially during the day. i'll be going back to work soon and dont no what am i giong to do. i went to buy baby sense book today hoping it will help me, i dont even have the energy to read.

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She doesn't know you have a job, or that your boss would like for you to be awake. She is nine months, and this is what they do. It is the reason everyone at your job with an infant, looks dead on their feet.
Time her naps for she goes down at night, put her down later. As long as she gets enough sleep herself. Baby don't grow if they don't get enough sleep.
Go to bed when she does, sleep when she sleeps. Make sure your diet supports your lack of sleep - so no processed foods, sugar, junk, or big meals. Your body will be putting all its energy into digestion, and you will be even more tired. Drink a lot of water, get up, get moving and get your heart rate up for at least 1/2 hr a day; it will really help. Good luck

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