what do I do when the princible calls my house because my 8 year old daughter is hitting boys

Dominique - posted on 03/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok moms... last wednesday my 8 year old daughter Alanna got in trouble at the youth center for hitting a kid.... today we received a phone call from the principal of elliot elementary stating that she punched a boy in the face leaving him with a red mark... how do you respond to this? Any suggestions for what her father and I should do


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Leanne - posted on 03/14/2012




If after talking to her and trying to get a reason as to Why she's doing this and explaining it is not right to hit other people and we need to keep our hands to ourselves.. Then some serious action needs to be taken. I agree with taking away privileges.. When you do this you should get her to earn them back. Like, writing a letter to the child she hurt apologizing for what she did and explaining why is was wrong of her and then giving that letter to that child. She's old enough, she should be able to do this. If it keeps up take everything away from in her room, leave her bed and dresser, that's it. Then explain she will slowly get things returned for every day she doesn't cause issues at school (issues being hitting or bullying), and if she does it again then Everything is gone Again and she has to start from scratch. Make sure if your doing this to keep in close contact with her teachers. I hope you find something to help!

Katherine - posted on 03/14/2012




Take away her privileges....watching TV, going to friends houses, talking on the phone etc....

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