What do I do with a 10 year old food hoarder?

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A little background, the women in my family and my husband's family are all overweight. I myself am about 15 lbs overweight, even though I exercise regularly and eat fairly healthy. Additionally, diabetes runs in both sides of the family, so I have a lot of reasons to be concerned. I dont keep snacks and treats in the house, and I buy fruit, but it seems to go to waste more often than not. She will refuse to eat the dinner I cook, but I keep finding empty candy wrappers in her bedroom. To combat the hiding of it, I've told her that if she buys the candy with her own money she can eat as much of it as she wants, but she has to eat all of her dinner. Then she ate a 6 pack of twix candy bars in one sitting. She had a huge bag of Halloween candy and half of it was gone the next day and she has now broken into her brother's. It worries me to watch her eat because if it is something that she really likes, such as fried chicken or tacos, she will eat two to three times as much as I do. If it is something she doesn't like, she will refuse to eat, even over a few days. I make her eat a few bites, but it certainly isn't enough to warrant a healthy meal. By contrast, my son doesn't eat enough on any account. I've completely run out of ideas and nearly told her she was going to get fat if she keeps eating the way she eats and I dont want her to have body issues, but the healthy living talk just doesn't seem to go anywhere.


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I would see her pediatrician over the extreme candy cravings she's obviously having.

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