What do I feed my 9 month old that has a milk protein allergy?

Danielle Setzer - posted on 01/25/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey I often wonder what else I can find - such as finger foods - for my daughter. I am afraid to try the cottage cheese, yogurts, grilled cheese, etc.

Right now we have been starting the puffs, cheerios, banannas & avacado pieces and that goes well until she tries to cram too much into her mouth! I also give some egg yolk for added protein. She seems to have a bad gag reflex when she is eating anything with texture (2nd stage chicken or turkey, etc.), and also with the cheerios too! She loves the puffs, but I am afraid I am giving her too many puffs instead of other healthier options. Any ideas or suggestions? Please help!


Bethany - posted on 01/25/2010




My daugher also has a milk protein allergy. She would react to anything made with cows milk including yogurt, cottage cheese, grilled cheese, ricotta, etc. She is 15 months old now and I just introduced her to almond milk and hemp milk. She is not allergic to nuts so this works nicely as a fluid with protein. She is also still breastfed 3x per day because of the milk protein allergy, but I am looking to ween her. The gag reflex will one day just disappear, so don't worry about that. Every baby learns how to eat at different rates so I'd just keep trying. I actually had to encourage my daughter to chew her food first by demonstrating. She too woud shove tons of food in her mouth at once. I soon realized that I am the experienced eater, not her and I needed to give her one piece at a time and tell her to chew chew chew! She loves turkey meatballs, meat loaf, avocado, chicken, ham, and green veggies, carrots, sweet potatoes, all fruits except apples - bad diaper rash :o( - pancakes, oatmeal, mashed potatoes made w/smart balance organic buttery spread and organic chicken stock, eggs, brown rice, quinoa, millet, pasta w/red sauce, and now cereal thanks to the almond milk. I still have to puree the veggies because she doesn't like the texture yet. I find feeding very stressful but it does get easier and it definitely challenges the creative part of the brain. I hope this helps. Anything she can pick up with her fingers is a finger food, I'd just make sure its soft enough so she can mash it with her gums and new teeth. I hope my experiences help you with yours! Good luck!


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Rebecca - posted on 02/01/2011




My 5 year old was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy, we switched him to rice milk, (because soy milk can also be a problem) and within 24 hours all symptoms were gone. We are totally eliminating anything with dairy from his diet. As far as feeding, I would try toast and putting different spreads on top (including the 2nd stage foods) My son has problems with textures and would not eat the 2nd and 3rd stage foods because he was expecting them to be smooth, but if put on toast or used as a dip for fruits or veggies, he was fine. Good luck.

Lisa - posted on 01/28/2010




my son is lactose and soy intolerant and now 2. He drinks rice milk and I buy rice cheese. He hates it but desnt know the difference when I make him homemade mac and cheese and grilled cheese and slip his cheese in instead or regular. We have a harder time with icecream. My older girls eat it almost everynight and he hates the rice kind. good luch and remember you arent alone. The whole foods market at Chagrin and Green have a lot of things to choose from.

Andrea - posted on 01/27/2010




There are also rice milk products that are very good and easier to tolerate than soy. I have food sensitivities too and I know what a challenge they can be. Whole, unprocessed foods are the safest as manufacturers slip in things. Did you know dextrose is corn based? I never would have guessed until I had a reaction. I used vegetables for finger foods for my kids. Diced, cooked carrots, peas, green beans - my kids loved these room temp or cold.

Danielle Setzer - posted on 01/27/2010




Thanks - These comments really do help. How do you add the buttery spread and also make pancakes? Does that not contain cow's milk? I am glad the gag reflex will disappear soon (hopefully!) :-)
We tried soy milk when she was about 6 or 7 weeks old and it made her really constipated, but I am thinking of giving it another try since she is eating about 12 oz. of solids each day. Maybe those combined wouldn't make her constipated.

Shanna - posted on 01/25/2010




Soy formulas my daughter was allergic to all dairy!! You cannot give your child cottage cheese and yogurts and grilled cheese. if it is a milk protein allergy! Have you talked to a nutritionist and an allergist???
My daughter outgrew her allergy at 2 1/2

After formula you could use soy milk also.

Read labels because you will be surprised on what all has milk in it!!!

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