what do people think of baby carriers?

Rachel - posted on 10/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i have a 18 months daughter, and i have a boy on the way but im wondering when im on my own with the two kids if it would be better to put my little boy in a carrier and kept my lil girl in the buggy, i have scaittica so is there any that would help with it? what are you opinions? and what carriers would you suggest?


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I only have 1 kiddo, so I don't know how practical a carrier would be with 2 kiddoes, but I got a wrap style carrier, and I LOVE it. It is complicated to put on, taking a good 5mn, but then I have no problem wearing her all day, and she's 15lbs now. I recommend big mama slings website, they're in the UK, but they have lots of good information and advise people on what kind of sling would suit them, including those with back trouble. www.bigmamaslings.co.uk
Good Luck!

Kathryn - posted on 10/18/2009




I had a baby carrier for my daughter when she was smaller, i found that it was fine for short periods of time but after a while it just got uncomfertable especially as she started to get heavier. If you have back pain i really wouldnt recomend it at all. I agree with a double buggie idea or maybe a buggie board i think they are called. It just attached to the back of your pram so that your toddler can sit or stand on it. Good luck :)

Cori - posted on 10/18/2009




i have toooonnnnnss of back problems and i was worried about a baby carrier with my little guy but i used the moby wrap and it was nice because i could make the straps wide on my back or ore adjust or postion it so that it wasnt hurting my back...

Emma - posted on 10/18/2009




Is the sciatica only through the pregnancy or all the time? If you have back pain a carrier may make it worse, but you'll only know through trying one out. Can you borrow one from a friend before you splash out and buy one?

Could you get a double buggy or a toddler seat for your existing buggy? If you find it hurts you that might be an option for helping keep your toddler and baby safe (and under control!) when you're out and about!

I have mild lumbar scoliosis (sciatica in pregnancy also) and thought a pouch would hurt me but surprisingly it didn't. I used a generic pouch (can't even remember the brand) with my first and a Baby Bjorn with my second which was excellent, as she was bigger and heavier. BB has very wide comfy straps and it was so easy to put on and off as well.

A friend had a slingamajig (like a long scarfy thing that you tie up to make a comfy pouch) and she swears by it. www.slingamajig.com I haven't used one but they seem quite good.

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