what do u give a 13 month old child that is under weight? he wont eat mushy stuff n never ate baby food as a baby. doesnt eat fruit n have beeen attempting to get him to drink whole milk.


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Michele - posted on 01/11/2012




I also had a problem with this as my breastmilk 'dried up' and my child wouldn't take formula or eat. I had to start offering 'meals' 4 times a day. meaning that I sat her in in the high chair at the table and offered her baby food. Usually a couple different kinds. Ofcourse she refused everything. I made it a regular routine - she finally started eating - the magical food was banna/strawberries by gerber. I also mixed some of my frozen breastmilk with formula to try and get her used to it and it worked. I agree to continue giving formula over 'milk'. Is he teething? maybe offer some melba toast or crackers that he can dip into yogurt himself. It always helps if you are eating too so he has an 'example'.

Sarah - posted on 01/11/2012




My daughter was underweight at a year (related to medical issues). We saw a pediatrician and dietician and they recommended she take a pediatric dietary supplement such as Pediasure. Each can has 250 Calories so she was supplemented with 1 can per day. The key work though is supplement. The child should still be offered a balanced diet of meats, carbohydrates, fruits, veggies, and milk fats. The dietician also stated to me that as a parent, your responsibility is not to force your child to eat, but to offer a balanced diet at regular intervals in a non-stressful environment. Your child's responsibility is to choose to eat and how much. Once I accepted this into my meal motto I began to stress less about how much my kids ate. Sometimes they'll only have a bite or two, other times they'll finish their plate. No young child (barring a medical or psychological issue) will starve themselves. They will eat what their body needs. Also, if you only offer healthy choices, the child will eventually eat them. The key is to stand your ground and offer treats only occasionally, not all the time. Having said all this, if your child is underweight, I would suggest that he see a pediatrician to rule out any medical issues that could be causing his low weight. Good luck!

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'I' would give breast milk. If you aren't nursing... formula has more calories and nutrients than whole milk...

No need to feed baby food though... Will he eat things like bananas and avocados. If there is no history of food allergies in your family I would give peanut butter toast or sandwiches..

How do you know he's underweight? Is he just little or has there been a significant drop in his growth curve? Kids come in all shapes and sizes and small does not automatically equal bad or wrong. Not growing or getting smaller is a cause for concern, but just BEING small isn't.

As an example... I was 13 pounds at 13 months (I DID have growth issues though), but my son was 13 pounds at only TWO months... We're both fine. :)

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