What do u think about this?

Serene - posted on 05/13/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




Pologiymist? I watch a show called Sisters Wives.. Mans fantasy but, is it a womans? Just wondering what you women think?


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Each to there own, i say there is in many polygamist relationships there's jealous among the women.Although they all seemed to get along great.

Its so not for me, for sure.:-)

Samantha - posted on 05/14/2011




I couldnt and wouldnt want to do it, i know nothing of the life style though and if the women are okay with it then why not.

I always wondered though if a man can do it is it okay for a woman to have multiple husbands?

Jenn - posted on 05/14/2011




Polygamy has been around for a very long time and will most likely always exist. It isn't for me, but if it works for others, more power to them! When polygamy is a way of life, it becomes their normal and so those involved see it from a completely different viewpoint than those of us on the "outside". I don't really care as long as it is not against a womans will. Forced polygamy is wrong but so is forced marriage to just one person anyway!

Tina - posted on 05/14/2011




i watch it as well, i think they have opened people's eyes, i to feel like it's not for me i don't completely agree with it but at the same time it is for them and they are all happy so who are we to judge, as long as they are not hurting any one, and the Brown family appears not to be, the who are we or any one else for that matter to judge them or get involved, you have men having kids to different mothers all the time you have men cheating on their wives and women to, the only difference here is they all are a family and no about one another, they care for each other they are there foe each other, and they all know where there man has been and who his children are, think about that one. but like i said for me no, but it doesn't bother me either, as long as everyone involved is not getting hurt. thanks. nice topic

Kathleen - posted on 05/14/2011




Umm..this is ging to start a debate I feel. I believe it is wrong. I wouldn't go tell anyone it was if I knew someone doing it, but, it sounds stressful, and why???

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I'm not going to judge- each to their own as long as no one is hurt; BUT I couldnt do it myself.

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