What do we think about children believing in Santa?

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My husband and I disagreed this year when the subject of Santa Clause came up this Christmas. He was sure he wanted them to believe in him but I was on the fence. I wasn't sure if it was something that I wanted to do when it came to playing along with the idea of Santa Claus. The whole thing about lying to my children for so long about a make believe person wasn't appealing to me. I wasn't excited when my kids asked about him this year. Since my children are getting older and I know they are understanding more this year, when they asked about him, I told them that Santa is Gods helper :) God sees if you are good or bad and he tells Santa to bring you presents. Saying this and having them believe it didn't make me feel too badly, but I still was unsure about letting them believe in Santa. When I brought the subject up to my mother she simply said that she would just let them believe because it's magical and part of being a child. There's plenty more make believe that parents are just okay with their children believing. It wasn't until we went to the Christmas parade this year... and at the end of the parade Santa Claus rides through throwing candy and saying ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!! I looked over to see all of my children smiling. My son though was bright eyed with a huge smile and it warmed my heart. At that moment I decided :) I'll just play along.

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Sarah - posted on 12/22/2013




The Santa Claus that we see him as today is not real, but there was a Saint Nicolas that lived and that is where many of the stories come from. I LOVE the magic of Santa Clause. I LOVE seeing my kids' imagination grow. I LOVE to watch my 2 yr old believe that her dolls are real. I LOVED to listen to my middle child when she was 3/4/5 yrs old talk about a pink or purple house that had a whole other family. It is fun to have an imagination and to enjoy life through a little kid's eyes. You also learn SO much about your child when you allow yourselves to go down that road. My kids have fun with the idea of Santa Claus. My 2 yr old is just starting to see the magic and my older ones are enjoying playing the game (they are 15 yrs old and 12 yrs old). No one sees it as lying or not being honest or not trusting....it is imagination and the joys of that. They play along and have fun with it. Even as adults my husband and I have fun with it. Sometimes having little kids allows you as an adult to enjoy those things that as an adult you are "not suppose to" enjoy. Along with Christmas and Santa we also talk about why we celebrate Christmas and the real meaning of Christmas. My 2 yr old enjoys the magic of Santa, but is also getting read the Christmas Story at night before bed. She loves to point out baby Jesus.

Jodi - posted on 12/22/2013




You still lied to them. In fact, that's an even bigger lie, because you lied about God too....

We do Santa. It's all just good fun, and to be honest, when my older kids found out the truth, they had fun playing along for the younger kids too. No-one really thought of it as lying anyway, and certainly no-one got upset when they found out it wasn't real. Personally, I don't see the big deal.

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