What do working moms do with their teens at home alone?

Bhi - posted on 02/04/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm considering going back to work but I'm worried about unsupervised internet access and hard core porn getting its tentacles around my boys. Older generations may have had playboy, but this generation is growing up with hard-core porn, and the aftermath of porn addiction and, in general, dumb ideas about sex that con them out of their livelihood and health. Studies actually find it takes them 2-3x as long as older generation's mind to heal and restore itself. Internet filters are just too easy to get around, so I was thinking of just disconnecting access altogether, until someone is home.

The question is what do you moms do with your teens then, any fun programs or ideas that don't involve the internet? Do you allow unsupervised internet access and just "hope" even though most men struggle with porn addiction and started at young middle school ages?


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Ev - posted on 02/04/2016




I agree with Dove. You need to have a long talk with your boys about what they can find on the internet where porn and sexual things are concerned. You should also discuss the dangers of chat rooms and the fact that people who go on there are not always what they seem to be and if they get friendly and suggest meeting that it is in your teens best interest not to agree to do so because that person could kidnap them or cause them harm. You also need to discuss sending sexting messages and picks of themselves that are shots of them unclothed as being against the law and could cause them to get into trouble and make life heck later on when looking for colleges or jobs. You need to impress on them to be responsible and if something comes up that they come to you about it. Also cutting internet off is a good idea but as Dove has said if they go to a friend's home....its more than likely the friends have it too. Just impress on them the same rules apply. I would go a step further and see if maybe there is a program in your area that goes over the things I talked about. Its not safe in this world with kids having so much free access to internet or wifi over phones and the things they can get to. A lot of parents do not monitor things...I guess they assume their kids are safe.
I never allowed unsupervised internet because it is not a right but a priviledge.

Dove - posted on 02/04/2016




I'm home all the time... but my teenagers (girls) aren't. If they want access to this stuff... they will get it. It is virtually impossible to properly monitor internet access for teens unless none of their friends have internet accessible devices (highly, highly unlikely in this age).

Better to teach them from a young age what is and isn't acceptable and WHY it is or isn't acceptable.

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