What do you do to make being a SAHM easier?

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I only have only 2 kids: a 3 year old and 6 month old. But it feels like all day, every day it's the SAME, exhausting routine. Diapers, baby shows, cleaning up constantly, whining, naps, etc.
what are some things you do to make this hard job a little easier?

I do have the luxury of a wonderful nanny when I need her. But I always feel so guilty to leave my kids for "me / adult time"


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Amanda - posted on 07/24/2013




Get out and about. Playgroup, mothers group, library. Whatever you have in your area.

My kids are 5 and nearly 4. My son is now in kindy so I only have my daughter but we are always out and about. I also go to the gym and they gave fantastic child are facilities. I used to feel guilty about leaving the kids, especially as my son is ADHD, but leaning them for an hour and getting a break has saved my sanity.

Me time is so important, happy mummy happy kids

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First off, NEVER feel guilty about leaving your kids to take time for yourself. In fact, you need to do this at least once a week, and allow at least an hour a day to take care of you--take a bath with a book, enjoy a glass of wine and a book on the porch, whatever, just relax.

I hate baby shows. I don't turn the TV on during the daytime, instead, we play music. It is calming and invigorating at the same time--it just puts us all in a good mood, you know?

Compile a list of ALL of the regular children's activities in your town and their days and times. Like story times at all the local libraries and book stores, music times, craft times, Summer concerts, summer movies, etc.--stuff that happens at the same time on the same day every week. Make a list for your fridge so if you feel like going out, you can look and see that there is a story time at Barns&Noble at 10am.

Break cleaning into 15 minute increments per room. Once you've cleaned a room for 15 minutes, close the door and don't let anyone in there for the rest of the day. You should then only have the kitchen, a bathroom, and living room in regular use. These are the "Main Rooms" they get cleaned everyday, but not until afternoon because if you pick up too soon they'll just get trashed again, and you'll end up re-doing stuff you've already done. Bedrooms, Laundry rooms, etc. are "off rooms" and they only get cleaned every other day or so, when they look dirty (with the exception of making beds, I make our bed every morning, and your 3 year old can make her own bed everyday too).

Keep a big, pretty basket in the living room to toss toys into. It's quicker than running things back to your toddler's room or sorting them on shelves. Every week or so, when it is full, take the whole basket to her room and help her put things away. She'll probably play with stuff in the basket most of the time anyway, so it will take a while to fill it up. Don't pick up toys for your 3 year old. Make a rule that only toys in use are allowed out of their homes. If she moves onto another toy without putting the first up, give her one chance to put up the other toy. If she does it, yay! If not, toss the toy in the trunk of your car and donate it to goodwill or whatever charity you have close by next time you're out. If she has a big mess (think legos) and refuses to pick up, set a timer for 10 minutes. Anything on the floor when time is up goes in the trunk and off to charity. This will help a lot with the constant picking up.

I don't really have anything for the whining....that part just sucks :(

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