What do you do to stay active?

Briana - posted on 06/23/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




What do all you mommies do to stay active? Do you go to the gym, workout at home, run outside???


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Amy - posted on 06/24/2014




I do all of those things, I go running with the dog, walking with the kids and dog, I have a treadmill and some free weights at home, I also have a gym membership that's open 24 hours. I also have a job that keeps me on my feet 8 hours a day which helps.

Gena - posted on 06/24/2014




Now that our son can drive his bycicle,we go to the forest.There is a nice path that he can ride and we (Hubby and I) walk fast with him. I do some workouts at home and my son plays with,its fun. We go swimming once a week together.So when hubby swims with our son i can go and swim in the deep pool for a while and then we switch.Its fun for all of us. I know that some gyms here have a place where children can play and there are people there that work with the kids.But i dont do that. I basicly just try to stay active with activities where we can include our son.

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