What do you do when your ex husband is lying to your son all the time about things you have said to make him angry: so that he acts out with you.. THis has gotten worse over time and now he has convinced my son to live iwth him so he won't have to pay his back child suppport or the support for the next two years.


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Christy - posted on 06/05/2011




How old is your son? Unless the court ordered him to live with his Dad, you are still entitled to Child support. However, this isn't the important issue.

Take the high road and never say a bad thing about your EX to your son, no matter how bad you want to. In the long run he will learn the truth. This same thing happened to my now 15 yr old nephew, except it was the other way around (mom saying bad stuff about dad). Nephew now lives with Dad because she chose a different path in life (drugs, booze, etc). Not saying that's the case with you, but no one EVER bashed her while the nephew was living with her.

What sort of things is the Dad saying in this case? I would also suggest writing everything down in a log since I have a feeling you will be going to court soon. And don't let your son live with his Dad, assuming you have primary custody! Get a lawyer. Good luck, hon.

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