What do you do when your kids annoy the crap out of you? HELP ASAP

Javeia - posted on 11/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I had my little one at age 18 (21 now) all of my so called dreams went out the door. I went to a community college got a two year degree with hopes of working in a lab type setting only to find out I was missing some classes. Luckily, I have a good husband where I can stay home with my chikin mini until a pay raise kicks in and I can afford to put him in a suitable daycare. I don't have any family members close by to take a break to blow off steam and I am afraid to leave him with some of my friends because of their bad habits such as smoking, or swearing.

With that being said, almost everything my chikin mini does wrong almost bothers me: If he is too rough, too loud, if he whines gosh especially if he whines. I have become the bad parent and my husband look like a saint. I don't know if me being annoyed is a factor of me being angry because things didn't go as planned in life for me or because I feel like I keep working on stuff with him and reminding him of the rules over and over and over again and I feel like he should know this stuff at age three.

I am looking for a solution for me to keep calm and me not be so aggravated by every little thing he does. I seemed to have lost my way please help.


Jessica - posted on 11/27/2012




It seems to me that age three is the golden age of repetition, doesn't it? :) That strange time when they're not really a baby anymore, but not completely a kid yet. My boys are with me all the time, as it sounds like your little person is. It's hard to really get perspective on just how SMALL our children are when they're all we see or they're constantly with us. Particularly when although we may love them dearly, their timing was way off.

I've found it helps me to realize that they are so VERY small. That Maya Angelou quote about,"Now that I know better, I do better"... I realize that I'd started getting way more aggravated than a situation warranted. It's never too late to turn your attitude about things around, even moment to moment. That's another thing that helped. No matter what was going on right now, each moment is a choice on how to react. Helps me, at least. :)

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