What do you feed 8 month old before bed to keep him sleeping all night?

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My 8 month old is a good sleeper but has been waking up in middle of night to have a bottle and it ready to eat my arm off he's so hungry. He eats 1 1/2 jars of baby food before bed and 6 ounces of formula. Any other suggestions?


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He is most likely preparing himself for a growth spurt. I feed my 8 month old 1 jar of baby food mixed with baby oatmeal. I mix in the oatmeal until it is thick (my son likes it better this way). He also has a good sized handful of cheerios and some cheese. I breastfeed him so I'm not sure about exact amounts of milk, but he has a 15 minute feeding (which is long for him) an hour before dinner and another a half hour after dinner.

He sleeps from 6pm to between 6-7am. He shares a room with his sister, so I'd hear it from her if he woke up at night and didn't hear him. But he will have nights where he wakes up at 4:30-5am, very hungry.

I honestly can't think of anything you could do to help him sleep more. If he needs the food, than feed him. Mine can't even wait for me to change is diaper in the morning, I have to do it after a feeding.


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My oldest Anna is almost 1 and is still not sleeping through the night. Nothing can make a baby sleep through the night. I'm afraid it's up to them when they sleep through the night

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