what do you know bout phanton pregnancy?!?

Alisha - posted on 06/21/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I thought i was pregnagnt. 5 hpt and 2 pee test an the drs office they say im not. the dr said to come back in a week and she will do a blood test an ultrasound to prove im not pregnant. she said to not think bout it (any woman knows that is the hardest this not to think bout is the postibilty that you may be pregnant) that it may be in my head. that some woman that want to be pregnant make their body think thy are pregnant. I have been tired all th time, dizzy spells, headacks on a daily basis, my hip hurts (frm when i had my daughter), cravings, increase hunger, weight gain, puggy stomack, widding in my butt, thyes are slittly bigger, nipples very synsatible, breast hurt (but not all the time), change in sex drive, stomack tinder to th touch (cant lay on my stomack or flatt on my back), mood swings (happy and then crying 2 seconds later), increase in discharge, after i eat smething that is very saticfing to a craving i get a hard not on the left side of my stomack and th right is flat, an im almost 2 weeks late on my period. i heard bout this phanton pregnancy stuff and was aondering could that be way i am expercing? why would i have a phanton pregnancy? how do you stop having a phanton pregnancy? and how to keep from having a phanton pregnancy again?

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