What do you SAHM do all day?

Catalina - posted on 04/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a SAHM and I want to know what other moms days look like our schedule goes like this ,

7ish Henry wake us up (we have a family bed)

Henry nurses for a bit

8- I cook breakfast for us (green smoothie, fruit and oatmeal)

9- my husband leaves for work

9:15- we get dressed

9:45- we go for a walk, or run, go to the park

11:00- most days Henry has an activity (swimming, reading, music)

12:00- I make lunch and daddy comes home to eat with us

1:00- nap time Henry sleeps for 2 hours while I clean

3:00- Henry nurses this is usually is his big feeding

5:00- daddy is home, and we have family time

7:30- I make us all dinner

8:00- family bath or shower

8:30- we lay down with Henry and I nurse him while momu and daddy talk and cuddle with Henry and he falls asleep in about 10-20 minutes then we get the house to ourselves! :-)

Tell me about your days! I'm looking to change up our routine!


Lady Heather - posted on 04/28/2012




We have no real schedule but on an average day...

4:30 - husband wakes up, alarm wakes me

5:00- baby eats, goes back to sleep

6:00 -baby is up for the day; time for coffee and play, usually phone call with sister

7:00 - toddler is up, breakfast followed by some sort of craft while I deal with dishwasher and cleanup

8:30 -nap time for baby, toddler does quiet stuff (puzzles, foam blocks, etc)

10:00 - do some laundry together and other cleaning, sometimes toddler friend comes over for a play date; if no playdate we fill the time with dancing or books

11:00 - lunch time and cleanup; get ready to head out

12:00 - outing to museum, library, park or wherever; baby naps while we are out

3:00 - home; sometimes toddler crashes on couch, mostly not; we relax, fold laundry, tidy up toys

4:00 - dinner cooking time; baby generally gets pissy with me, toddler starts to go bananas and I think about how nice mental institutes must be

5:15 - husband is home; I praise Jebus and we eat dinner

6:00 - family walk with dog

7:00 start bedtime routine

8:00 toddler in bed; baby hangs out on my boob all night

11:00 - fall into bed

Left out a million diaper changes and potty trips.

I can't believe your husband doesn't leave until 9 and still gets home at 5.

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