What do you serve your children for lunch and snacks?

Danielle - posted on 09/01/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey mommies,

I am looking to start a day-home and I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for quick, healthy, affordable lunches for toddlers.

Usually my son has a plate of fruits, veggies, and cheese for lunch but I'm not sure if that would qualify more as a snack.

I'm just not sure what parents expect for portion and "effort" when lunch is included as a day-home service.

Any advice will help!!


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I have a dayhome of children all under 2, I usually serve things like quesdailla strips, chicken strips, yam fries, cauliflower macaroni and cheese, pita pizzas. I make monthly menus (usually get them out on time...) I also serve breakfast in mine. I try to stick to a protein, carb, fruit/veggie and a glass of milk for breakfast and lunch, and for snacks usually a carb and fruit/veggie and sometimes cheese or a yogurt for a snack with water. I leave water on the table for them all day and usually serve a thing of milk after naps and with "meals". Usually the kids drink 300-900ml of milk each a day (depending on the kid, my daughter prefers water over milk and some of the kids only want milk). If you are interested you can google and look for lots of toddler friendly meals as well there is a healthy foods link (I believe thats its name) on here and parents have lots of good ideas!


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Ayesha - posted on 10/20/2014




As long as it's fairly healthy - and this sounds pretty healthy, as a parent I'd be OK with this.
Perhaps also add sandwiches once in a while to add something more "substantial".

Paula - posted on 09/01/2010




Tuna bake( add cooked pasta to tuna add grated cheese, frozen peas and corn), Toasted sandwiches, two minute noodels, spaghetti bolognase, baked beans, zuchini slice, pumpkin soup, corn fritters, corn on cob, fruit salad and ice cream, banana custard... goodluck

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