what do you tell your 9 year old daughter when she sees something she wasn't suppose to???

Jessica - posted on 08/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a mom of three daughters. My oldest and my middle child was from a prior relationship and my youngest daughter is from my current relationship. My oldest is 9 years old, middle child is 6 years old, and the youngest is 2. I've been in my current relationship for already fours years. My oldest daughters did not meet my boyfriend until six months later into my relationship with him. Now here's the situation I'm having tonight and I'm very much freaking out. Its 2 am and I sent him to set out the fan outside of our bedroom, now here's the kicker under the assumption that the children are asleep my boyfriend plays around and does a dance outside of our bedroom door and pulls out his stuff( if you know what I mean). Of course I'm freaking out thinking one of the girls would possibly come out for any reason I tell him to stop and to come into our room, and he does so. As he settles down on the bed my oldest pops ouñt and say she heard some noises ( I presume him setting the fan down) and I didn't know what to think. For one I was furious at my boyfriend , second I asked her if she saw anything and she told me no, at first, and said all she saw was my boyfriend settling into bed. But I wasn't to sure if that was the truth. So I got up and walk to her room which is near our bedroom and asked her again if she saw anything else and be truthful and she glared at me and said I saw when he did a dance and I for once was speechless. But what I did tell her that it wasn't suppose to be for her to see and I was so sorry for that. And with that being said she kissed me goodnight, and afterwards I had a quite argument with him. He is definitely going to apologize to her in the morning and talk about what happened, but I feel like the damage is done.Please anyone tell me what else should I do. I' m freaking out.


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In my opinion it's not a big deal. The human body is natural and while he may not be her Father you are obviously living together and she didn't see everything.
My boys have seen my husband naked (not their Father) but it's not a big deal. They have been told that if it offends them then they don't come into our room in the mornings as that's when it has happened.

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