What do you tell your child when they ask about thier father?

Natasha - posted on 04/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is a sore subject for me, even tho my son is only 16 months. My nieces and nephews have already started asking the question I am not ready for. It started with "Where's your husband" I replied with "I don't have one" then they asked "How do you have a baby then? Your suppose to be married" Unfortunatly I truely believed I met the man of my dreams like most people and really had no answer for them I just kinda froze in shock, unprepared. when I was unknowingly 2-3 weeks pregnant we got in an arguement and when I went to leave for work he ended up choking me out and bashing my face into the concrete in the driveway. A month later I found out I was pregnant. He had denied it the whole time up until I was 4 months then sonogram came and he split again. On delivery day I found out that I was not just pregnant with One but TWINS but one hadnt survived. He had made excuses on how it wasnt his and refused to sign anything and my several attempts have failed to get him to come see our child. One day I know the same question asked by my niece and nephews will be my son and I dont know exactly how to respond honestly without making his father look like a bad guy and my fear is the future meeting and how he will treat my son. Any suggestions on how / what to tell him when he asks?


Cecilia - posted on 04/07/2012




Hold your ground, be strong. You did nothing wrong. Always makes sure conversations

Are always age appropriate. As for questions from other kids. Unfortunately, they may not

Be learning privacy or manners. But you could tell them since they are learning from the bible

It seems. Jesus would rather you and your baby be safe and HE said you were ok to

Not have a husband anymore. And when they are older you will explain. As for your baby, he will know his entire life how much you love him and the honesty will be appreciated. Always remember to never blame yourself for having to tell the truth about the situation. Being a loving mother will help you be ready for that unexpected question time. Good luck!! And always remember patients will help:)

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