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Hi i have a 5 year old boy who can be extremely naughty at times things he does are verbally abuse me and also his sister who is 2 occasionally his dad we all live together.My son also refuses to tidy up his toys he leaves crusts on the table his washing on the floor and generally dis respects me and our home. I have tried all reasonable ways of discipline including time outs,loss of privileges early bedtime and nothing is working i am so sick and tired of the back chatting and verbal abuse from my son i have just turned around to see that he has turned his burger into a million crumbs all over the floor chair and table very upset. is it to extreme to take everything away from him except his bed? i read this on a help website but want to know other mums opinions it said to remove everything then to give things back as the behavior improves i am keen to try this


Elfrieda - posted on 08/18/2011




I think 5 years old is way too young for such drastic, confrontational measures. I also don't think you can say that a 5 year old "verbally abuses" anybody. At that age they're still copying what they see.

If it were my son, I'd take a hard look at his life. I'd cut out all TV, movies, and video games, and I'd take a look at who he's spending time with. Are there older kids who are being bad examples? Another thing I'd check for is abuse. Is he being hurt in some way by someone that makes him lash out like this? I would also reduce the sugar in his diet, and try to see if he behaves badly after he eats something specific. Some kids have allergies to food and instead of saying, "Ow, my stomach hurts" they just act wild instead.

I'd spend some time with him alone each day, maybe during the 2 year old's nap, and go for family walks in the woods and parks to physically tire him out. Maybe he would like to collect rocks, or learn how to ride a bike, or walk on stilts.

After all that, he might be a different boy. I've taken a parenting class, and it was really helpful. I'd recommend finding one in your area.

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