What do you think is more important, more money, or more time with your children?

Jaime - posted on 09/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a huge dilemma in which I need to make a decision in 1 week. I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice/opinions! I recently took a seasonal position with UPS as a pacakage delivery driver. Though I am not promised anything, I am told there is a very good chance I could become full time after the season is over, which is Dec. 31. A full time job as a driver with UPS is amazing money and excellent benefits. However, the hours can at times be very long. It is M-F 8:30am til you are done delivering, which can be anywhere from 5pm to 9pm and later during Christmas. Anyhow, I am a single mother of two boys, ages 17, and 6. I live in an area where I do not have any family close to me, and I have very little friends. I have good care set up for my little guy for after school when I am working, plus his older brother is always there as well. My kids dads' live quite a ways away, so every other weekend it is an hour and a half drive to meet them halfway for their visits. With this job with UPS, I have had to meet pretty late, 8pm, and therefore when the kids come home, they are not getting home until almost 10pm on a school night. They are both always very tired the following morning. It's tough on them. I realize divorce is never easy on children, but I also feel you should try to make it as easy as you can...right? Another thing with a driving job such as this, is that I have the worry of what if the little guy gets sick or something happens at school? It is not the kid of job you can just leave, after all, you are out there driving a company truck! Also cannot attend school plays or events or even conferences without taking the entire day off, because it's not a typical job and there is no way to take just a couple hours off. Yes, I have other people that are willing to pick up my children if need be during the day, but as a mom, it doesn't sit well with me inside. So anyway, I was recently offered a job with a wonderful non-profit agency, which is something I have had an interest in for quite some time. The job is only part time, and considerably less pay, but, I would have tons more time with my children and would be able to meet the dads at an earlier time, etc. Right now because this is a seasonal position with UPS I also do not have medical insurance, and cannot get MA or MinnesotaCare, but with the part time job, I would be able to get medical along with help with food. I would be there for school events, and anything else that might happen. I have one week to decide if I should take this part time job. I love to help people, I always have, and I think it would be a great opportunity and good fit for me, but would I be stupid to give up a potential $30/hr job? Along with excellent benefits for which you do not pay for? But that is the other catch, it is seasonal with no guarantee of full time, but a VERY good chance of it. So I am also faced with "what if I take this other job and they WERE going to offer me full time at UPS?" and "What if I don't take this new job and I DON'T get full time at UPS" which then I would be unemployed after December 31st, and will have passed up this job offer already.....but my main concern is what SHOULD be more important, a higher paying job with which I would be able to provide well above and beyond for my children, or more TIME with my children, and the flexibility and availability to BE THERE for them? Please help....


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Gloria - posted on 09/30/2012




Dove your totally right and I have nothing else to add because you said it all perfectly

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