What do you think of the Paragard (Copper) IUD as a birth control method?

Elaine - posted on 09/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have had the Paragard (Copper) IUD for 4 months now. Lately, I have been having a little spotting (when I'm not even close to that time of the month), especially after sex and mild cramping. Is this normal? Anyone experience similar side effects with this form of birth control?


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I have Paragaurd in for about a year now and at first I was like you....spotty and cramping in the beginning stages while my body got use to it and settled on a cycle. Now I'm loving it and so is my husband....no more getting sick off hormonal birth control. It did however take my body at least four months to get use to it but after that it was back to normal. Remember this is foriegn to your body so it has to adjust to it.

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Christina - posted on 10/22/2011




I am one of the very small % that got pregnant while I had the copper T. I got it placed just after my daughter was born, after 4months it partly came down through my cervix so the doctor pulled it out. I had another one placed thinking that was just a fluke. and when my daughter was 14 months we found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. The OB said we had a very high risk of losing the fetus because the IUD would cause problems, but despite all the risks against him, he is now a healthy 1yr old boy. I loved the IUD while I had it, I had no pain or bleeding. We weren't against another child, but we were just hoping to have them spaced further apart- oh well, can't plan life!

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I had the paragaurd a few years ago....i had a horrible experience! i'm not sure if it was a reaction to the copper or what, but i had it for 6 months. Out of those 6 six months....i bled for 6 months....i was the complete opposite of what i should have been. i would bleed all month except 4-6 days and then go back to bleeding every month. My doctor refused to take it out at 4 months saying that my body needed time to adjust to it. Two months later, he still didn't want to take it out (at this time it was 6 months total) and i informed him that if he did not take it out, i would take it out myself at home and if anything happened to me (such as infection or hemoraging) that would be on him......needless to say he finally took it out that day. hope you have a better experience!!

User - posted on 09/21/2009




I just go mine about 2 mo ago, and I'm nursing. I have never gotten my period back b4 baby is at least 6 mo. so I have a ways to go. I haven't had any trouble with cramping but I've heard that mild cramping is normal. Also maybe once a week for just a short period of time (maybe an hour or less) my vaginal discharge will be mildly streaked with blood. I've had a fair increase in discharge too though and wondered if this was normal.

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