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Jodi - posted on 04/28/2012




Which Vaccine debate? There have been lots of them over the years. Chances are it has been closed because (a) it got too heated (controversial topic), or (b) it is an old debate.


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First, because as you said, vaccines are not 100% effective. The more people who are vaccinated however prevents those whose vaxes didn't take from getting sick. that is why having a high vaccinated population is so important. Yes I know what's in them. That's why I would vax any child I could and myself as well.

People who think they dont' work are simply wrong.

User - posted on 04/28/2012




I have something to say about this. First of all, if the vaccines work as they are supposed to, why then are people afraid of unvaccinated children? It makes no sense to be afraid of your child going to school with an unvaccinated child. Second, the kids that get sick often have had vaccines, they are NOT 100% effective, and someone from the dept. of health just told me that some time ago, some vaccines were not refrigerated properly and were not effective at all. Do you all know what the ingredients are in the vaccines? I would encourage everyone to get informed. Do some research before you make decisions for your children. Don't believe something just because the majority of society believes it, or because one dr. tells you, or because the school pressures you. It's not easy to be in the minority on these kinds of issues, I know.

I hope that our rights as parents are not taken away. Also, I believe that God gives us choices, and the choice to use our minds to figure things out for ourselves, and not follow others blindly.

I know that as Moms we want the best for our kids. Nothing is more important than that.

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