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Carole - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My teen daughter is an old soul and has been really responsible. She is a fabulous student and has 2300 SAT scores and plays two varsity sports. She is conservative for her generation as a junior in high school has never been drunk or smoked pot. My concern is sex. While she began high school with strict rules of know kissing or making out unless she was dating the boy for a while, she seems to be easing up on that and that is why I am worried. Now,, a few years later , she is willing to hook up and not worry about the relationship part. She does draw the line and is still a virgin but after talking tonight, she seems to have a freere attitude. She was telling me about a boy who is in college that was telling her about all the girls he is hooking up with and I said, but that is sad for these girls. They probably dont know what he is up to and what if they fall for him, they will have their heart broken. She brushed it off saying, they wouldn't fall for him they just wanted some fun too. It really bothers me. I raised her to take this more serioulsy and I feel like now at 17, she has a different perspective, like it is fine to just have fun too , like thats what kids do. Am I that old fashioned. I have been told by my friends that their college kids rarely date, it is a lot of just hooking up, everyone is ok with that, and that this generation is a lot easier and open with sex I am bothered because I feel this leaves my daughter open to a lot of hurt. I mentioned it to my doctor and her response was , they are a bit different then our generation and perhaps your daughter does not look at it the same way you did at her age. All input would be helpful. I would love to know how parents with older teens are finding their teens dating experiences.


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I was like that at her age. I never had a "proper" boyfriend until 18, just hooked up with guys when I felt like it while I went to uni and worked and paid my own way. I don't have older teens I just thought I'd share my experience. Sure I probably had a " reputation" but now I am married to someone decent who doesn't cheat on me or abuse me and have 2 kids.

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