What do you when you think there is more than a behavior problem but you are not the bio parent?

Brandi - posted on 12/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my 10 year old step daughter lied to me yesterday and let me believe that my 4 year old daughter was lying to me. She said it was because she likes seeing my 3 kids get in trouble and get spanked. She says it makes her happy to see this. But it's not just this. She lies all the time, she is always starting trouble, she makes serious false accusations about people, for example, she told her school that I was putting bruises on her and she told me 2 days ago that her mom drags her sister by the hair. I am not sure how to handle this. I think she needs serious psychological help but it's not my place as her step mom to say anything...or is it? I really thought it was just a behavior problem...maybe even jealousy...but now that she has openly admitted that she gets pleasure from seeing her step and half sisters get spanked, I am not so sure. Is it possible for a child to have sadist tendencies?


Mary - posted on 12/10/2012




This is a really hard situation. I have no experience as a stepmom, but I'd love to tell you, think about your kids. I understand it is normal the jealousy and rivalry between siblings of any kind, but your step daughter sounds more like a bully. I don't know the relationship you have with her mom, but call attention from your husband at least. I hope is a phase, and that the childs grows out of it but imagine yur children beings punished for no reason, that's no fair at all!! I hope she's just probably surrounded by so many siblings she feels she needs to get attention no matter what. But you do have a voice, your children need to know you are there for them, and you step daugther will have to understand there are other ways to get you by her side. Remember, a person's rights end where other's begin

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