what do your childrens bedrooms look like??

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I am redoing my childrens bedrooms for christmas this year. They have never really had much done to their bedrooms so this is really exciteing knowing i finally have the money to do it. Im givin my 6 year old her own bedroom. She wants purple, and animal prints. And my 2 and 3 year old little girls will be sharing and im going to be getting them both their own twin beds. my 3 year old daughters fav color is orange and my 2 year olds fav color is pink, so im going to re do their rooms in orange and pink. Does anyone have any cute ideas or tips for making bedrooms look cute and organized. I know for my 6 year old im going to be puttin in some kinda of large mirror for her to practice her dance, and a desk area for her to do her homework. I could use any help and advice!


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I would just keep it simple, because chances are their tastes will change! Give them bedspreads, pillows and curtains in the colors and prints they like. Those things can easily be changed if they change their minds in 5 years.

As far as decorating the walls, my oldest daughter has a bulletin board that she puts her artwork on. The girls' baby picture are framed in their bedrooms and their first outfits are displayed on the walls. And with the furniture, that's about all the wall space I have to work with.

I like classic solid wood furniture, because it lasts forever. Each of my girls have solid wood beds and dressers that they can use their whole lives if they so choose. In fact, my oldest daughter's bed was my childhood bed. Maybe a future granddaughter of mine will use it one day. :)

As far as keeping things organized, I find it easiest to keep toys to a minimum. With the exception of the toy kitchen and doll house, if toys don't fit into their toy boxes that's when we start weeding out. It's super easy to throw all the toys in the boxes at the end of the day.

I hoping to purchase small bookshelves for each room so they can easily get to their books. I love the idea of using long plate display racks on the walls to store books, because kids are more likely to chose a book off the shelf if they can see the cover. There's no room for that in my oldest daughter's room, but I'm considering it for my younger daughter's room. This is what it looks like: http://designdazzle.blogspot.com/2009/11...

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Well my daughter who is two loves Tinkerbell so we drew and painted a mural of tinkerbell on her walls so her room is full of bright and airy colors. My son who is 10, but was 8 at the time has a mural of transformers on his wall. He however is almost 11 now and wants a more sophisticated room so we are doing it in two tones of blue a pale blue and a navy blue, 3 walls will be light blue and the 4th will have large overlapping cubes in both light and navy blue. Search cute toddler rooms images on line and you should be able to find some great ideas


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