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Christina - posted on 03/30/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I turn 39 weeks tomorrow, the 31st.

According to medicaid in Alabama, can't be induced till then.

Went in today to get "final" sonogram so that we could give medicaid their stuff saying yes the baby is fine and ready and would survive if I had it and so we could set up the appointment for inducing me...

Sonogram tech tells me "your placenta isn't ready", what does that even mean?

My husband thinks its because the doctor wasn't in the office and the sono nurse can't schedule the induction... but its really irking me.

I didn't really get to ask if that means something is wrong or what it even meant, she took off to fast... I have to go back Monday the 2nd (my due date no less) for another sonogram but the doc has already said I'm 2cm and given me the ok to "induce" myself by walking and other non-harmful means.....so I'm confused..

Anyone else heard this before?


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Christina - posted on 03/31/2012




Well the doc and I have been discussing it because its been a very hard on my body, we'd had a miscarriage directly before getting pregnant and I had just finished breast feeding in Nov. when our daughter was 22 months. The baby has been extremely low the whole pregnancy and its been very hard on me to get any sleep or even eat, 3-4 saltines make me feel like I've been at a buffet for hours and the acid reflux is non stop to the point that there really isn't anything to do about it.

Thats why we were talking indcution.

The thing is the doc has given me the go ahead (on tues) to "induce myself" however I can handle which she mostly named sex and walking but suggested dancing too lol. I just have been having a lot of trouble with a nerve being laid on so my leg will sometimes fall asleep while standing/walking... lol

Kay - posted on 03/30/2012




A lot of doctors prefer to induce after you reach 40 weeks--mine wouldn't discuss it before 41 if it wasn't medically necessary. You could be running into that.

Connie - posted on 03/30/2012




not sure what she meant exactly but it sounds to me like both the technician and the doctor believe it is in your best interest to wait until the baby is ready. I know the waiting is a pain but if the experts are saying take your time I would it will happen soon enough. also a due date can be off by weeks....good luck and God bless!

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