what does she think he has?

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my sons preschool teacher wants to have him assessed by early childhood intervention (its a program for children with a disabilty like autism or with other speech troubles etc) to see if there are some strategies or plans they can put into place to handle him. she wouldnt tell me exactly what she thought he should be tested for. she only said he doesnt seem to want to understand that there are different ways of doing things(unlike other children). he isnt violent and plays with other kids. i told her we were told when he was born that he probably suffered mild brain damage and she said that explained alot. what does she think my son has? she was very evasive like she didnt want to go into it. im very confused.

i know he may have a touch of ocd but what person doesnt? things have to be exact. for example all his cars MUST face the same way. if someone turns even just one around its the end of the world and every single car must be turned to face the same way. not just that one car. he does the same with blocks.

please someone help???


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Might be testing for asperger's or some other disorder that falls into the Autism spectrum? She may not specifically know herself, but she has obviously found something she thinks needs investigating. Try not to stress at this stage Natalie, and remember that she is doing this in hope of helping your little boy.

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