What does your 5 year old know/do?

Liz - posted on 05/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I posted this question a few weeks back on December 2006 Babies and didn't get any response, so I thought I'd try it here and see what kind of feedback I get. Thanks to everyone who responds!

What kinds of things do your 5 year olds do? What responsibilities do they have? Do they know how to read? Write? Do math? What kinds of things do they do for themselves? I know that all kids are different, but I am just looking for what things to work on with my son. I feel that he is lacking in some areas because I have been so busy with one baby after another since he's been born that I haven't let him "learn" how to do certain stuff.


Amy - posted on 05/15/2012




My son just turned 6 but started kindergarten at 5. When he started school he could not read but now knows "star" words and has been taught the tools to help read. Before starting school he could add and subtract and do basic math. Other then his name he didn't write before starting kindergarten, they spent the first couple weeks learning how to write each letter and what sounds they make. My sons fine motor skills are not the greatest although it's so much better now, since preschool we've had to practice how to hold a pencil properly and use scissors to cut along the lines.

As far as responsibilities at home he has to help pick up, and helps with laundry when he wants. I have just started giving him the responsibility to clean the bathroom sink since he's making the messes in there.

Things he does or can do for himself, he can dress himself but still asks for help. He just started wiping himself after using the toilet, as this was not something we could get him to do at 5. He also just started brushing his teeth by himself but I still occassionally check or do it to make sure it's done properly. In the bath I still wash his hair but he is responsible for cleaning everything else.

I'm not sure if there is other stuff your wondering about but I think I covered the basics. Again though my son is not coordinated as far as motor skills go, his two year old sister does better with some of these things then he is, she is also far more independent then he is.

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