What else should I try to make my one year old to sleep.?

Hella - posted on 08/14/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I desperately need some good advice!! I have a one year old son, who I can't make him sleep anymore. He hadn't slept in days now. Used to he was a very good sleeper, but he never slept through the night. It was ok I nursed him back to sleep, never any problem. Sometimes I coslept with him, but I found it sometimes he just sleep better alone in his bed. The problem started about a month ago, when he woke up his usual 3 am feeding, I took him with me to my bed as usual to sleep, but he didn't want to, then I put him in his crib, he didn't want to, so I thought maybe he is teething fine, just rock him,comfort him. I never used CIO, since I don't believe in it. Then next day , the same story, then after that, and then we went for our vacation, when he had the same pattern. A week later we come home, and he was ok for a couple of days, then start it again. Then I left him to CIO. Didn't work, just throw up, and make a mess, then I approach the pick up put down method, then just a sleep with me method, and non of these worked. I even moved his bed to his brother (3 years old) bedroom , thinking, that it would work. It worked a couple of nights, then the nightmare started again. Now I know he is teething, but still I just can't take it anymore. His brother was not a good sleeper , but I was able to solve the problem with him just to cosleep with him, and it was fine. Any thought? My friends who knows me they say, it is just something we have to live through, and it will pass. I don't know, I'm tired, and desperate now. My husband works out of town, most of the time, so no help at all.

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