What food can I give to my 8 month old baby


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Stephanie - posted on 04/18/2015




Hello Shirley,
When my baby (which is 5 now) was your baby's age my husband would puree her some navy beans. When he first mentioned it I was like no way! My baby is not about to eat that but I let him have his way and she loved it! Do you hear me? She loves navy beans to this day! Yes, navy beans. They are high in fiber but the thing I liked about them for my baby was that she wasn't gaseous, they didn't hurt her stomach or anything. I forgot- this is what he did:

1) Soak the beans over night in a bowl.
2) Wash the beans and pick out the ugly looking beans and bean shells that came off during soaking.
3) Lightly season the water for the beans (we cooked ours in a crock pot)
4) Cook all day on high, and turn down low over night for more softer beans cook a little longer
5) Pour beans and some of the juice off the beans into a blender and let it blend until it looks like soup (it may be a little thick depending on how long you cooked them blend some more)
Make the hole on baby's bottle big enough for her to get it out but not to big for it to choke her.
Baby will be in love and you too, dinner time will be a breeze and sleep time will come soon after.

I hope this helps.

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