What happens if your water breaks in the shower...

Emily - posted on 10/07/2009 ( 17 moms have responded )




How would you know, or even worse so.. like if I wear soaking in bath because maybe I didnt really realize the mucus plug had been lost.... would I continue to leak amniotic fluid after it initaly broke? In the classes I took(which I took too early as I forgot it all.. I have had that problem during pregnancy) the nurse said somethin about it could be a big gush at once or possible just a little dampness on your under garments...this is like one of my ultimate fears... taking a shower and then the water breaks while I am showering.. then all the sudden I'm really far along in labor and had no idea.. especially since Im not sure what it would feel like to have contractions... I don't even know if I have been having those braxton hicks ones yet... im 9mths so I assume I should have had them by now...

oh i am a worry rat.


Krista - posted on 10/09/2009




Trust me........you'll know when your water breaks...even if the shower. I had a shower after my water broke and I could still feel the stuff dripping.

I didn't realize when my mucus plug had been lost.

Also, just because your water breaks does NOT mean you're going to go into labour on your own. My water broke at 2 in the morning and by 7 am nothing had happened at all. My labour had to be induced chemically.

Steph Sara - posted on 10/10/2009




I had my waters broken for me and that was a big gush. I def had braxton hicks, I would say you would know if u were getting them.

My sisters waters broke about 2 weeks before going into labour. Her back waters broke first, she was then sent home and had to go to hospital twice a week then her front waters broke. She felt both of them. She then had a c section which had been planned right from the start. Good luck.

Sharon - posted on 10/08/2009




I never completely lost my mucus plug.

I was leaking for several hours. but not enough to make me think my water had broken. I thought it was my bladder and was just changing pads.

Later when I went for a check up at the hospital - I was signing in when my water 'broke' - there was a mild spurt of liquid. Beyond feeling the warmth shoot down my legs there was no "popping" sensation. And not a gallon of water like you see on TV.

I never had braxton hicks and I never felt a painful belly contraction. The worst I felt was a cramp from back labor and then my anesthetist came in and that was it.

If you find yourself going through a few panty liners an hour and your belly or back is uncomfortable - take the time to get checked out. Its probably early labor.

I never felt hard labor and pushing was a breeze. Relax - it'll all happen no matter what you know or don't know.

[deleted account]

You'll know if your water breaks. I wasn't in the shower when mine broke, but there was a small gush with a popping feeling. After that I continued to leak. I had to put a pad and change it frequently, there was so much liquid. As for your lack of contractions so far, I wouldn't worry about it. I didn't feel my first contraction until about 5 hours after my water broke.

Maria - posted on 10/09/2009




If your water breaks, you'll know for sure, whether you're in the shower or asleep. Sometimes, your water breaks instantaneously, you only feel the need to go to the bathroom! On both times that I had my boys, I got up, cleaned my kitchen, showered, and was getting ready to join my mom for breakfast when I felt the contractions come. Time your contractions if you can, they come intermittently in succession, some stronger than the others. Just have your bag ready anytime and someone to drive you to the hospital when the time comes, since you're ready soon! Congratulations!

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Ashley - posted on 07/09/2012




Reading all the comments has helped me out too. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm 38 weeks and my c-section is scheduled for July 17th. Just 7 more days. But with my first pregnancy, I never got this far along and never experienced my water breaking on its own or even had any contractions. So, I'm a little worried too about my water breaking and about having contractions with this pregnancy. My first was born at 36 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. So she was born 4 weeks early.

Lynn - posted on 10/12/2009




You probably would not know if it happened in the shower or bath. It's warm so you just suddenly notice you are wet. My water broke for all 3 of my kids. With all of mine though, I started having pretty strong contractions very soon after my water broke so you would definitely know that they are "the" contractions for birth and need to get to the hospital.

[deleted account]

Sweetie, your water breaking is only one of many things that will happen leading up to giving birth - I think you're stressing about things because this is your first, and you're scared. My water broke several hours after I arrived at the hospital and I was midway through labour. You'll also lose your mucous plug, and have heavy duty contractions and - believe me - you'll know when it's the real thing. It will hurt like hell and you'll probably be as pissed as I was at everyone who told me it 'might hurt a bit'.

You'll be alright. Your baby will be alright. You'll get through it, just like the billions of other women who have. I was in labour for about 27 hours, and the final 12 hours, I KNEW it. Really KNEW it. So relax.

[deleted account]

The water can come out in a warm feeling gush or just trickle...you have no control...it does what it needs to...do whatever makes you comfortable during labor. Braxton Hicks is like a tightning of your muscle, then you'll feel it relax. It's amazing how our bodies know exactly what to do. You will do just fine...Enjoy your birth!

Amy - posted on 10/09/2009




Sharon, I am so jealous...I had a similar experience to yours, but I didn't have the slow leak to start. I went potty, stood up to pull my pants up and though"Awe shit, I just pee'd on myself" but it didn't look or smell like pee, and I did the gush test (sit down it will gush a little, stand up it will slow down) I didn't have contractions till about 6hrs after they pushed the Pitocin, but those sucked and I had to wait another 8hrs before they gave me my epidural. I also never lost my mucus plug, at least not before I was in a L&D bed pushing a baby out. If at anytime something feels not right, just go and get it checked, even if it's all just "normal" and you get sent home it's good to, if anything, get peace of mind. Good Luck!

Phoebe - posted on 10/09/2009




I just had a trickle for days. Didn't have any serious gush. It started when I was on the toilet and it didn't stop for hours, just a small trickle, like you can't hold onto your bladder. I didn't lose the mucas plug til just before the actual labour.
I was also having regular branxton hicks contractions for nearly 12hours before my real labour. I would've sworn it was the real thing, but I wasn't dilating so they kept sending me home, even though I was in stupid amounts of pain!

Stacey - posted on 10/09/2009




You'd still continue to leak at least a little bit. Both times my water broke I knew with one at once because it was a large gush and the other I wasn't sure at first but within 10 minutes I knew for sure because it didn't stop and I'd already peed..yet it kept coming out. Also both time I felt "weird" right before, the 2nd one had a popping noise. Also when you have real contractions you will know it. Bracton Hicks can be painful but usually aren't, they are also irregular and will slow down/stop whereas real ones will gain a regular pattern and get more painful.

Carla - posted on 10/08/2009




My water broke in the bath, I felt a pop, and I swear I heard it too, lol. I stood up and it was gushing out, lol. When your water breaks its not just a one off trickle or gush, it goes on for quite a while so if youre unsure just remove yourself from the water and you will know :)

Emily - posted on 10/08/2009




Okay, thanks that makes me feel alot better... This has just been something that was concering me.

Caitelyn - posted on 10/08/2009




I agree with Tammy, and also, my waters broke while i was in the shower, and believe me, youll know, it feels like a balloon popping, but between your legs.

Tammy - posted on 10/08/2009




I didnt really have braxton hicks contractions at all, but when you are having contractions there is no mistaking it! I was a bit worried that I wouldn't know when i was in labour too. One thing i learnt when i was having contractions is if you watch your belly carefully, it will rise slightly and harden when you are having it. Contractions feel like really bad period cramps that can last anywhere between 15 seconds and a minute. Keep a watch handy and time it if it makes you feel better. You should feel when your water breaks, I had my waters broken because it was taking so long ( I was in labour for 39 hours) and its a big warm gush inside you, and each contraction you have pushes a bit more amniotic fluid out. There was no mistaking the mucus plug either, you will know when you have lost it! There is nothing to worry about and just enjoy being pregnant, cos you wont be much longer! Good luck and congrats

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