What happens when a mother doesn't let a stepfather discipline her child


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Jessica - posted on 03/28/2014




Yea, I want to know the same thing tho...But I think if there married n the stepfarther been in the child life for a long time more then 4 years it will be ok if he say get in corner to me. Because that's who your with n the child will have to respect that. whooping idk well yea because my sister she been married to her husband for a minute n her oldest daughter isn't his shes 4 and calls him dad because her real farther doesn't comes to see her at al but n e way he spanks her when she acts up in we dnt look at it in a weird way because he's the one been there since birth n paying bills putting clothes on her back. I say if your married its his stepkids some people will say otherwise. if your comfortable its ok if not say something about it.

Jodi - posted on 03/28/2014




We probably need more info. But in general, it isn't the step parent's job to discipline the child, it is the mother's. So I'm not really seeing the issue.

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