What if my child hasn't started school till age 7 cause of health issues and school enrollment issues I had last year ?


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Jodi - posted on 04/10/2015




Because of your health issues? Or the child's health issues? It could very well be against the law, so you should check into that. But if your child isn't starting school because of your health issues, that's a little unfair.

Sarah - posted on 04/10/2015




You may want to consider getting a tutor, so she is able to be at grade level with the rest of her peers. Just starting at age 7 yrs is a significant difference in age for those others that are in kindergarten. As she gets older she is going to notice that significance even more (puberty, driving, etc.) I would HIGHLY suggest doing a tutor (I would actually had been doing that before now as she will still be behind right now). 1 years difference is not big, but 2 years is quite noticeable.

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