What is a good age to potty train?


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When the kid is ready. It could be as early as 18 months (some even earlier) or as late as 3 years (some even later).

I will say that I started potty training my girls around 18 months. They weren't 'officially' day trained til 2 years 9 months (give or take a bit). Nights were a lot later.

I didn't put any effort into potty training my son (it was 100% his idea when he went and when he didn't) and he was fully trained day and night at 2 years 9 months (give or take a bit).


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Jennifer - posted on 05/09/2011




For me, I introduced my kids around 18months to the potty, but ultimately, they chose when to train. If you try to force the issue before they are ready, it only makes you frustrated, because just like crawling and walking, they do it when it's their time. Like Teresa said, the "normal" period is between 18 and 3, but if your child is a little earlier or later, that doesn't mean anything is wrong.

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