what is a good age to talk to your daughter about getting her periods and stuff?


Jodi - posted on 04/13/2012




My daughter is 7 and I have told her some things, but not all the detail. I have, however, been giving it some thought, because she is one of the youngest girls in her Year 2 class at school. So by this time next year, many of the girls in her class will be turning 9, so even though she will only be 8, I think she needs to know it all. So give consideration to how old her friends are, and other things that are going on around her when you decide when to talk to her.

Krista - posted on 04/13/2012




Yeah, instead of overwhelming her with all the details at once, I'd probably start with a few details when she's 7, and then more when she's a bit older, and urge her to come to you with any questions. I would definitely make sure she knows all that she needs to know by the time she's 9, though, as many girls are starting their period at that age.


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Maggie - posted on 04/13/2012




Ahhhh... Im not ready for this.. Thank goodness my little one is only 1 year old haha. I might be 1 in many woment but I didnt start my period till I was a senior in high school. By then I learned it all on my own. haha.
I agree with everyone though kids are starting at a young age now. 7-8 years old sounds like a good age.
Those of you that said you have shared some details with you kids: What did you share? and at what age did you share it?

Melissa - posted on 04/13/2012




my daughter is 7 and the girls in her class is one year older than her. so i guess i'll start to talk to her a little.

Bonnie - posted on 04/13/2012




I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I would probably talk about it by the time she turns 9. So many girls nowadays are starting their periods younger and younger.

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