What is a good daily routine ideas for 3-4 month old twins and techniques to ge them sleeping in their beds during the day

Nicolette De - posted on 10/26/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have 4.5 month old twins (uncorrected..they were a month prem) and I am spending my days rocking them. It is time to get a routine and to get them in their beds during the day, as I am going crazy :)

We sort of have a 3hr feeding pattern but at the moment they only sleep for about 20mins (and never at the same time) and only seem to be able to play for 30min then it can take an hour to get them to sleep . I'm getting nothing done!

We have a night routine. Play 5-6.30 (finally learnt to do this) Bath 6.30, feed 6.45 and then we rock them in rockers til they fall asleep - anywhere from 7-8pm. Nights are variable. Sometimes they sleep til 1am, then 5, other nights we wake every 2 hrs. It is pretty hot where I live, so often they are thirst because of the humidity on really hot days .

Lucky they are so cute or I'd be mad!

Need some routines that have worked and techniques to getting the boys back into bed. Also how long do your twins play for?

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