What is a good idea for a mom on a budget for birthday snack ideas?


Jodi - posted on 09/19/2009




Also, for something healthier, vanilla yogurt is a great dip for fruits, kids love it!!!

Stina - posted on 09/19/2009




Keep it simple. Instead of a party around lunch or dinner time where you would want to provide more substantial food, plan for a party at 2:00 that will be over before dinnertime.

Veggies- instead of a premade tray, buy what's in season and cut it up youself.

Ranch dressing is cheaper than other dips. My kids love peanutbutter on anything.

If you cut up fruit, apples can be kept from turning brown by soaking your slices in water with a little lemon juice.

Crackers. Put them out in a bowl and nobody will know or care if it's off brand.

Pretzles are also generally loved by all and not too expensive.

Soda is awfull but cheap- and a nice treat for my kids who rarely get soda. Or mix up some juice from the frozen aisle.

Cake- instead of purchaseing one, a box of cake mix is inexpensive and relatively fool proof. I tried making cakes from scratch for birthdays with disasterous results so unless you are a superb baker, get the box and feel good about the love and time you put into cooking and decorareing it. Cupcakes are even more foolproof and you can decorate and arrange them into flowers for a girl, or baseballs, basketballs.... let your imagination run wild.

For young children, (mine are 5, 3 and 5 mo) I like to provide brown lunch bags and crayons for when they first arrive. They color untill everyone is there and before they leave, I fill with party favors. One year I made homemade playdo ahead of time and each child got a small bit of that and an index card with instructions (for Mom) how to make thier own.

Happy party planning!

Happy planning.


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Jodi - posted on 09/19/2009




I always liked the giant pretzel rods dipped just over a quarter of the way with white or regular chocolate. If you use white chocolate you can dye the chocolate to match a theme color, either one can have any kind of sprinkles on them or they can be plain! They look pretty stuck with the coated side up in a jar too and make a good center piece! The other option I like it putting flat bottomed ice cream cones in muffin tins, filling them just under half way with cake batter, and baking them like muffins. Dab with frosting or serve with a scoop of icecream on top! More fun for the kids if you get colored cones. Good luck and have fun!!!

Jana - posted on 09/19/2009




My sons birthday was 2 wks ago and we rented the fun jumpy castle and a snow cone machine. So for food, we only had cake ice cream ,chips , and a cookie. Who says you have to have anything but cake and ice cream. and Pizza maybe be your best bet if you feel like you need more!!!

Katie - posted on 09/19/2009




Rice Krispie Treats are also a safe bet and your kids will have fun helping you get them ready!

Jennifer - posted on 09/19/2009




I would say do you have a save a lot or aldis near you? They have cheap cake and brownie mixes! If you like to bake chocolate oatmeal cookies are cheap!

Carolyn - posted on 09/19/2009




Homemade sausage rolls (puff pastry, sausage meat and some grated veg) makes about 24 for $5. or just Cheerios in puff pastry also works well. Make cheap dips with Pilli cheese and soup mix or jar of pickles. Buy homebrands, no one knows the difference. I got a length of black plastic, some bubble bath to make it slippery and the sprinkler to make a slide at my kids last party. The kids were on it all day and barely thought about eating or anything else, cheap but effective. I hope this helps a bit.

Jessica - posted on 09/19/2009




I would like to know that answer also, because my boys are a week apart and I cant afford to throw them parties every year, so next week im having a dinner n cake but i also would like to know a affordable snack or treat to give the guest,kids.

Sharon - posted on 09/19/2009




boy or girl?

1. hit the dollar store. Hit every dollar store. We have three in our area. Two of them SUCK for gift bags, the other one is a TREASURE trove! Don't over look Walmart - walmart has these plain colored gift bags for 60 - 89cents that will hold most gifts.

2. dollar store - party favors, depending on age - party poppers, shoots streamers into the air with a BANG. Here I can find 12 poppers for a $1

3. buy one small candy but a good one. Maybe a $6 multi candybar assortment. Way better than 12 pieces of crap candy.

air plane gliders, punch balloons, whistles, all good cheap party favors, about $3 right there and you'll have enough for 6 kids.

For little girls, maybe $1 jewelry sets, bracelets, rings necklace for favor gifts, and for party game - glam time, buy $10 of cheap make up and make them all up and have a tea party where the cake is served.

Thats all i have off the top of my head...

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