What is a thyroid gland disorder?

Nthabiseng - posted on 10/17/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a friend who had just found out that she is 5 months pregnant. She has also found out that she has a thyroid gland disorder. We are not sure on ways of helping her because we have no idea what this means and ways to deal with it. Sometimes I think that it seems to her like we dont want to help. Please help in explaining the cause of this disease and how to help my friend because I can see she is not doing very well.

Please Help??


Lucy - posted on 10/17/2011




Do you know exactly what thyroid disorder she has, Nthabiseng?

If she has an under active thyroid, which I have myself, she will feel extremely fatigued, will be putting weight on however healthily she is eating/exercising, may be losing hair, have spotty skin and be suffering bad head aches- So not much fun! But it can be brought under control with medication.

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It depends on which Thyroid disorder she has, there are a few. Depending on which disorder or disease she has she may have to take thyroid hormones. She will probably have to have her thyroid levels checked regularly throughout pregnancy. There are a wide variety of symptoms but again it depends on which disorder or disease she has.

I have Hashimotos, a thyroid/autoimmune disease, my body attacks my thyroid gland as if it were a disease, eventually my body will destroy it and I will be reliant on medication. I didn't actually have any issues when I was pregnant, my levels were quite normal.

If she is getting regular medical care and having her levels checked and monitored I cannot imagine it will impact her pregnancy very much. There are some serious side effects with some thyroid diseases, but the risks are low if she is receiving the proper care.

She might just be a little overwhelmed and might need someone to talk to. It's ok if you don't have the answers your her friend not her doctor. So just ask her if she is ok, if she wants to talk or if she needs help with anything. I am sure she will be fine :)


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/17/2011




First and foremost, she needs to listen to what her doctor tells her to do. Thyroid disease can be controlled, but following the doctors orders are crucial. You personally don't need to know the nitty gritty's of the disease, but if she tells you it is hyper/hypo you can do some research easily on line. Just be a friend and support her when she needs it.

Nthabiseng - posted on 10/17/2011




I also wanted to know how this disease will affect the baby that she is carrying...

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