What is every ones plans for summer vacation?

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Last year we went to Holiday World for my step-sons birthday and they loved it and we plan to go again this year. Other then that not really doing much. My sons teacher provided them with lots of school work to keep there minds fresh for when they start the new year but I would hate for them to sit inside all day. We don't have much planned yet but summer has just started so we will see. I am always interested in new game idea for them any suggestions?



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Oh trust me they do come over all the time, its not so much weird its more I wanna call him every 15 minutes to make sure he is ok lol. I have never really let him out of my sight very much. my best friend of ten years watched him a few days over the summer for the first time other then that its only been my parents and his dads parents. This is new for him and me both. This is the first time we have lived in a housing addition. apartment life is way different lol

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The phone may be a good idea, but NEVER feel weird about calling and checking up on him at a friends house. Also, instead of sending him over, have his friends come to your house.

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He has lots of friends around here but with it being so hot not a lot of kids are outside during the afternoon hours when he can play (baseball at night) I dont really feel safe with him being in other peoples houses. I wouldnt mind it so much if I knew them really really well or if I could contact him whenever I wanted, I have been debating on a cheap little phone for him so I could call him whenever without interfering with his friends family (hope that makes sense) but not really sure yet what to do s

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lol...yes definitely, It has been only a day and he is already saying this stinks. I have pulled out every trick I know to keep him happy and nothing is working. I hope this is not a sign of things to come lol

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