What is everyones bedtime routine?

Lizz - posted on 03/20/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Since my daughter was a newborn (now is 18 months) she has slept with myself and my husband. When we moved into this double house about a year ago she wouldn't sleep in her crib no matter what I did. I tried everything from taking a warm bath with Johnsons bedtime bath soaps, to singing her to sleep, to rocking her... NOTHING worked! Finally I gave in and let her sleep with me again. We then moved out of that place, issues with the neighbor, and into another double house. When we moved in here my husband and I got her a toddler bed. Since the day we got her the bed she has been sleeping in it like a big girl and she LOVES it! Now my issue is getting her to sleep and nap at decent hours because I will be starting school in May and need us to be to bed at a decent time so I can get her up and to daycare so I can go to school. Right now I get her in bed by like 930pm, read her a story, and sit in there with her until she falls asleep. Sometimes she won't actually be asleep until past 11! Other times she falls right asleep but then the next day she will NOT nap no matter what!! I am stuck as to what to do to get this crazy little girl of mine to have a decent bed time. Someone help me please =)


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When my son was getting ready to start school we started pulling his bedtime back by 15 minutes every 4-5 nights to help him adjust. It wasn't such a drastic change and gave his body time to adjust. We did bath, snack, two stories, brush teeth, then lights out but he was 4 when he started school so he was older then your daughter.

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With our kids (20 months and 9 months) we take a bath right after dinner it's around 7pm. Then after they get pj's on we give them their milk and tell them they have 15 minutes. We give kisses and hugs goodnight and tuck them into bed and leave the room. They are asleep by 8pm. They've become so used to the routine that by pj time they are yawning and they are asleep within 10 minutes. They get up about 7am and sleep through the night (well youngest is getting up because of teething right now). Youngest gets 3 naps through the day and my oldest sometimes takes one. For naps I keep similar to bedtime just without bath and pjs. Start slow with changing her sleep by putting her to bed a half hour early or waking her up a half hour early and keep moving the time every 3-4 days till she's where you want her to be. Also check to see how much sleep she is getting a day maybe she doesn't need the amount you think she does. For her age including nap it's between 11-15 hours I think but she could be one that falls outside the normal range. Good luck


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Lita - posted on 03/21/2012




we trained our kids since they were really small...early toddlerhood, about 18 mos old, that they should be in bed by 7..the latest 7:30. Now at almost 10 yrs old, my oldest just earned 30 minutes extra to 8 pm and my 6 yrs old stays at 7:30.

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