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Tabby - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi! Yesterday my daughter (10 1/2 months) had what I thought was the start of a cold. This morning when she woke up she had the runny nose but also red splotches on her cheeks... it doesn't cover the whole cheek and they are warm to the touch. At first, I thought it was an allergic reaction but she hasn't eaten anything new in at least 2 weeks. Then I thought it was from drooling in her sleep and laying on it. She doesn't have a fever and isn't acting sick. I made her a doctor appointment for tomorrow but I was wondering in the meantime if anyone knew what it was...


Morgan - posted on 12/14/2010




is she teething?
My daughter gets splotches on her face and somtimes her chest and belly and a runny nose when shes teething or even somtimes when the weather is dry


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Tabby - posted on 12/14/2010




Sarah: I looked that up online because it popped up when I searched "red cheeks on baby"... It's called "Fifth Disease". She doesn't have the other symptoms of it, which I'm thankful of because it said it's contaigious before they start showing signs.

I did notice when I washed her face and put a little lotion on it faded a little so I'm thinking it's chapped from the cold...

User - posted on 12/14/2010




Could be Slapped Cheek virus, named because of what it looks like. I think the proper name is something like parvo virus. If it is that it is quite contagious and can be risky if a pregnant woman, less than 20 weeks, comes in contact with it.

Corinne - posted on 12/14/2010




my daughter used to break out in red blotches on her face but it was bc she used to spit up a LOT! shes lactose intolerant so breast milk would cause her to spit up and also when i put her on formula and theprocess of finding a formula that worked for her... she would spit up 24/7 and if it was at night, it would cause her to break out similiar to that! Sometimes it was just a heat rash! if shes fighting a cold, she might be getting pretty warm at night and therefore the heat rash appears?! i hope thats all it is! gl!

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