What is it like having a 21month old and a newborn?

Liana - posted on 01/23/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I currently have a 12 month old little girl and am really wanting another baby.

I was wondering if anyone has had children close in age and how difficult is it?

My daughter is a very easy little girl, sleeping through the night and not needing my full attention all the time.


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My 1st 2 are 21 months apart to the day. For me it was easy. My 2nd baby has always been a really good sleeper so my daughter never missed out on much attention. She knew i had to look after him and she hated when he cried so she helped out. The only thing i waited for before having more children is that each was sleeping through the night and close to being out of nappies.

Jemma - posted on 01/23/2011




hi, i have a nearly 2 yr old and have just had my second. he is 3 months now. it is alot harder than what i thought, but my 1st doesnt sleep well and the endless b feeding of my second leaves me exhausted but i still wouldn't have it any other way. i dont have much time for my 2yrold but he and his father spend alot more time together which is nice for both of them! the lack of sleep is the hardest cause as u know 2yr olds are full on!!!!!!!! but i cannot wait to see them play together and grow up nice and close!!!!!

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